Saturday, 21 March 2009

Šolta Island

We've covered Šolta Island on pages 149 to 151 of our Croatia Cruising Companion and have just been lucky enough to spend three days there. You can read more about inland Šolta on sister site Croatia Online (this link takes you to one of a number of postings on Šolta), but we would be remiss if we didn't specifically address it, in a Cruising Companion update, on this site.

Perhaps the most important development is in Maslenica where Martinis Marchi have completed an extremely painstaking restoration of the Baroque castle on the south side of the bay. Now the exclusive hotel and lovely restaurant are preparing to open for business in a couple of months. Next project is to get the marina up and ready for business and work on that is scheduled to start in September 2009. In the meantime berthing facilities are still as written.

As far as restaurants in Maslenica are concerned, we reported that Konoba Moni claims to be open all year round though it didn't seem to be last week. In fact the only establishment that we found open was the Pizzeria at the head of the bay, Konoba Picerija Gajeta (tel 021 659 104). In the winter it's only open till 6pm but will stay open later if you book ahead. It was a very welcome sight both for a coffee break and food, as the only other restaurant we found open on the island in March was Konoba Šolta in Rogač (a short walk up the hill, tel 021 654 540/, and the only other open cafés seemed to be inland in Grohote (next to the post office) and in Rogač, the main ferry port.

Visitors to Šolta will mostly find that cash is king, post offices and tourists information are in most of the main settlements and there is just one fuel station, for cars or yacht, in Rogač, the main ferry port.

Today's photo is of the newly renovated castle, complete with heliport.

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