Thursday, 10 March 2011

Marina Prices

Croatia Cruising Companion - New Marina Seget

Berthing rates at Croatian marinas have been creeping up steadily since Croatia was rediscovered as one of the world’s best sailing grounds, now some years ago. With more than 50 marinas, over 1,000 islands, crystal clear waters and such a lovely way of life it’s a yachtsman’s paradise.

It’s still cheaper than many other places, including the UK, but a 10 metre berth will now cost around €50 a day and €4,500 per annum plus uplifts of between 10% to 75% in the more popular months. Some are cheaper and some much more expensive, usually according to demand and facilities. There are increasing variations in prices and it pays to shop around, if you can, though you will have limited choice for daily berths in July and August.

All of the marinas are pretty well equipped although the older ones have limited space for larger yachts. Some of them have been able to extend facilities and some of the new marinas are able to welcome superyachts with panache. The state owns just over 20 marinas - ACI Marinas. Most of the others are independently owned though there are a couple of organisations operating more than one marina.

We’ll be looking at individual marinas in more depth in subsequent postings but in the meantime, today’s photo shows the pontoons of Croatia’s newest marina Yachtclub Seget, near Trogir. Its pontoons are just to the left of the tree. On the peninsula jutting out to the right is Trogir Shipyard, surely also destined to become a marina before too long.