Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Croatia Cruising Companion Promotion - Split Library 21st May 2008

Regular readers of our sister site, Croatia Online, will know that we have already reported on the fantastic facilities at the new Split Library. As will as being an outstanding book and media resource, the library also holds regular events and book promotions.
We are fortunate enough to have been invited to do a promotion of the Croatia Cruising Companion there on Wednesday 21st May 2008 and we have a number of eminent guests.
Introducing the book will be Mili Razović, President of the Split County Tourist Board and Joško Pilić, President of the Dalmatian Skippers Association and owner of Adriasail Charter.

Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Croatia Cruising Companion At Work

We stumbled across a great blog today, notable to us for two things: firstly it's put the Croatia Cruising Companion to the test and secondly the guest dog looks remarkably like our canine cruising companion, Rosie. Many thanks to the Sparkes family for such an entertaining read and I hope they don't mind us borrowing this photo.
This is one family who really seems to know how to get the best out of sailing Croatia and the blog provides a great first hand account of what to expect from a number of places. It's gratifying to see that, on the whole, the Croatia Cruising Companion seems to have stood up very well to the demanding requirements placed on it. We did read that, in one destination, one of the restaurants we suggested was good, turned out to be a bit of a disappointment so we'll be following up on that. However it does raise the salient point that things can change very quickly in Dalmatia and every restaurant has its good days and bad days. The most notable example of this is the newish Chinese restaurant near Trogir which we reported on in our sister blog We had a great meal on the one time we ate there but everyone else we have spoken to since reports various problems so we guess we were just lucky. In general though we refrained from comment, one way or another, on any restaurant we did not try out personally and did our best to feature the better restaurants that we found, though, a mention in any guide can occasionally be the kiss of death to some restaurants!
We've contacted the Sparkes to see if they have time to send us some updates from their trip. In the meantime, link to to follow their adventures in Croatia.