Saturday, 30 August 2008

Baška Voda

We spotted a great account of nautical and on shore life in Baška Voda, near Makarska, by some Australians who purchased a yacht there. Also interesting for the details of the paperwork involved in buying and exporting a yacht from Croatia. For the full story go to Seafarers.
Baška Voda has a relatively small marina which has improved greatly over the past few years, in an area - southern Dalmatia - which is much more sparse on marinas than central and northern Dalmatia. Baška Voda is also notable for one of the best modern spas in Croatia - at Russian owned Hotel Horizont (pictured).

Friday, 29 August 2008

Croatia - In An Emergency: Important Update

Croatia Cruising Companion Readers should note that there is now just one number for all the emergency services - 112.
112 is the "official" EU number and replaces Croatia's collection of numbers (93, 94. etc) and separate call centres for the individual emergency services.