Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Keeping The Croatian Adriatic Clean

Perhaps not the most glamourous image on this blog but being a good sailor means keeping the sea clean, and that means using pump-out facilities. Co-author John Nash runs Marina Facility Solutions a company operating from Kaštela, near Split, set up some six years ago, to service Croatia's marina industry.

Building on his established career in the international yachting and marina world, not only has John brought the best of UK manufactured marina equipment to Croatia - pontooons, water and electricity pedestals, pump-out systems and more - but he's also become an expert on Croatia's marina industry working closely with local experts on new developments and a number of other marina linked projects.

Marina Preko are, as far as we know, the first Croatian Marina to include a state of the art pump-out solution as a standard service for berth holders and guests, though some other marinas will call a tanker on request. Though Croatia has been talking about new legislation and enforcing existing legislation better, to protect its crystal seas, real results have been slow coming.

Follow this link to Euromarina to see their report, in the February 2009 issue, on a visit to Marina Preko (page 32) and learn about John's significant input into what is quite a breakthrough for those that care about the purity of Croatia's Adriatic waters.

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