Friday, 6 March 2009

Marina Vinišće Near Trogir

There are two marinas in Trogir bay: Trogir itself, part of the state owned ACI chain, and Marina Agana in the small town named Marina. However just outside Trogir bay, to the west, is the quiet and charming village of Vinišće, with its own sheltered bay, and a marina with a chequered history.

When we finalised our Croatia Cruising Companion in late summer 2007, we reported on page 130 "It's difficult to think of a quieter, more secluded spot than Vinišće....after much disruption to the locals, the marina looked to be fully up and running...with the pontoons filled with boats, a reception area, a shop and more to come."

We first met the owner way back in around 2004 as the marina was starting to take shape. He told us proudly that he had been camping out in Zagreb for 2 years obtaining the necessary permissions to build and operate the marina and he had nearly succeeded despite almost unanimous opposition from the local inhabitants who were quite content with their quiet and idyllic sleepy village with a couple of restaurants and shops. We first sailed there a year or so later - pontoons, berths, electricity and water pedestals all working well but the marina was unable to take our money as it didn't have a full operating licence. So we spent a lovely couple of days there free of charge. More recently, it's been a thriving, good value, operating marina but that all stopped last year and there are a number of people trying to contact the owner. In true Dalmatian fashion, it seems likely that the raft of permits required may not be complete - we can only guess. However, be prepared for the unexpected if you do decide to visit!

Today's photo shows a view of the bay from the north west.


Stephen Bleach said...

We have been to Vinisce several times in 2011 and the marina is not in operation and the pontoons unsafe or in general disarray. We have heard rumour that the marina has been bought by a Brit but there is no sign of any activity. However not an issue as its a great, safe anchorage.
The companion is a very good guide, we use for detail alongside 777 as that gives a good overview of the area and possible choices

Jane Cody said...

Many thanks for the comment Stephen. That's very helpful. Have to say that Vinisce is one of my favourite places to swim (when I'm landbased) too. One of those rare places slightly off the radar of the masses in the high season. Will be interesting to see what happens - someone could write a very interesting book about the history of quite a few of Croatia's marinas! Thanks also for your comments on the guide. We like 777 too!