Sunday, 15 March 2009

Krka Estuary Revisited - Zaton and Rasline

Once you've absorbed the historical, architectural, culinary and cultural delights of Šibenik, you could do worse than head upstream along the Krka river. In fact you could spend a week or two going inland behind Šibenik and really discover what Dalmatia is all about - see our sister site Croatia Online for more.

However, by yacht, you can head to state owned ACI Marina Skradin and use that as a base for exploring the Krka National Park and its waterfalls. On the way you'll pass under a 27 metre high road bridge - see page 108 of the Croatia Cruising Companion for a chartlet and navigational notes - and you'll also have the opportunity to check out Zaton. Though the harbour itself is quite shallow, there's a small inlet to port before you get there which is the base of the rowing club and a large restaurant. If you're lucky you may get a space on the pier, and if you're shameless you may choose to tap into the electricity that powers the street lights, as many of the locals seem to do!

Zaton itself has plenty of cafes, a few restaurants, a couple of supermarkets, a post office and a tourist board. Today we spotted a new, but so far nameless, hotel that looks ready on the outside but with the interior yet to be completed. We also saw one electricity and water pedestal, to starboard, just after the green light as you head into the bay. It's a well cared for town, with an impressive war memorial and seems to have quite a life of its own, outside the tourist season. On a lovely early spring day like today, it was positively buzzing with life.

Further upstream is Rasline without perhaps quite the same charm as Zaton but with a campsite, restaurants and bars. Navigation is challenging so perhaps its better to visit by car.

Today's photo is of the small inlet, with rowing club and restaurant, just before Zaton, looking downstream towards Šibenik, with Zaton behind us.

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