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Mitan Marina, Novi Vinodolski

Croatia Cruising Companion - Mitan Marina, Novi Vinodolski

Readers of sister blog Croatia Online may have realised I have been pretty excited about my June 2018 trip to Lošinj, the primary purpose of which was to improve my Croatian language skills by taking an immersion course with The Croatian Language School.

This time I flew from Southend to Zadar with Flybe, normally every Saturday in the summer season, and then hired a car for the week.

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I couldn’t resist the idea of checking up on the two new marinas that had been under construction on my last trip, in 2016, and so I came off the motorway not long after I had turned onto it, and took the windy (sometimes in both sense of the word!) coast road, through Paklenica, to Novi Vinodolski, stopping only at Karlobag for a quick snack and to change into my summer gear. The road was more or less deserted apart from the occasional kamikaze motorcyclist but it’s still a much slower route than the motorway though much more scenic.

Marina Mitan is right by the coast road – there’s  no long descent down a narrow serpentine road -  and the principal car park is actually on top of the main marina buildings. You can drive down to the berths to drop stuff off but the few parking spaces, lower down by the buildings, are reserved for disabled parking.

It looks very smart and new and is more or less complete, with already roughly a third of  berths occupied or reserved. There’s a bistro at one end, nestled well into the rocks, whilst at the car park end, there’s a reception, nautical shop and marina office. Adjacent to the roots of the main pontoons are the toilet and shower blocks and workshops. Soon there will be a fuel station, by the breakwater, and a beach and apartments a little further away from the main bay and the root of the breakwater. Three kilometres from the marina is an enormous hangar, under 24 hour surveillance, for dry storage, and there’s a repair and service centre next door.

Visitors without their own boat can charter one of the new ZAR speedboats currently choosing from the latest ZAR 85 SL model,  two ZAR 65 boats and two ZAR 57 boats.

As for location,  Rijeka is your nearest airport, approximately 30 km away on Krk island. By road it’s pretty handy for visitors from Zagreb and central Europe but it is quite a long way from the nearest motorway exit. Coming down from the north you’d probably take the Rijeka exit and drive south along the coast road; from the south, probably the Senj exit.

Once there, the inhabited  islands of Krk, Cres, Lošinj,  Rab, Pag, Olib, Silba and Ilovic are all within easy reach and then you have the best of the Adriatic to explore further south. Novi Vinodolski itself is about three kilometres away thought not a very pleasant walk I would imagine if the only route is along the coast road.

There are 180 berths for yachts up to 15 metres in length; larger yachts can berth on the outside of the inner breakwater and mega yachts along the outside of the 240 metre outer breakwater. Depths are between 3 and 14 metres. All permanent berths have lazy lines, and electricity and water connections.

The daily 2018 rate for a wet berth for a 12 metre yacht is €60

Example 2018 prices, including VAT where applicable, for a 12 metre yacht (maximum beam 4.19m) for one year are:

Dry berth inside hangar €4,000

Dry berth outside €2,600

Wet berth €7,375

Wet berth 6 months/dry berth 6 months €5,975 (including lift in and out, high pressure wash and transport to dry berth area)

Wet berth rates include 16A electrical connection, drinking water, use of toilets and showers, video surveillance, internet connection and parking for one vehicle.

The bora does blow strongly in this region but  Muroskva Bay, the site of the marina which initially gave its name to the marina, before it became Mitan, is reasonably well indented and sheltered, and the breakwaters protect all but the narrow entrance close to the shore.  

Completing so much in such a short space of time is an impressive feat and, given the constant demand for berths in Croatia, I imagine it will fill up quickly. However it probably is suffering a little, in these early days, from the fact that there is a second new marina within a few kilometres and we’ll be reporting on that here soon.

To see what Mitan Marina (provisionally named Marina Muroskva originally) looked like two years ago, have a look at our  2016 posting: Croatia Cruising Companion - Novi Vinodolski: Not One But Two New Marinas

Follow this link to go direct to the marina website: Mitan Marina

To find out more about my Croatian language immersion course go to this posting on our sister site: Croatia Online - Learning The Language....Why?!

And to go straight to the Croatian Language School website, follow this link:  Easy Croatian


The main picture at the top is looking towards the marina exit/entrance, taken from just in front of the marina reception.

The first photo below shows the main marina buildings and car park on top. The second is of the bistro.

Croatia Cruising Companion - Marina Mitan Buildings 

Croatia Cruising Companion - Marina Mitan Bistro

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