Wednesday, 18 July 2018

ACI Croatia Announces New Krka Anchorage

Croatia Cruising Companion ACI Marina Skradin

ACI Marinas, Croatia’s largest chain of marinas, majority owned by the government, has just announced a new organised anchorage near its Marina Skradin. As far as I am aware this is a “first” in terms of organised anchorages for ACI.

Skradin itself lies at the gateway to the spectacular Krka waterfalls and is also very popular with yacht owners for its fresh, rather than salty, water. Hidden away, a few kilometres up the Krka estuary from Šibenik, it’s also very sheltered.

According to the latest ACI newsletter, Anchorage Vozarica is open all year round and has 18 buoys for vessels up to 15 metres in length. It lies opposite the marina – looking at the photo above, it’s off to the right behind the protruding woodland on the right which is looking unusually green because the photo was taken in winter. I’ve estimated a waypoint at the centre of the buoy area as follows: 43°48.88’ N 15°55.42’ E

There’s no indication of price on the newsletter and I don’t think full details have been added to the main website yet but, as a rough rule of thumb, anchorages tend to be about 50% of the equivalent marina berth fee. If you stay here you are entitled to use the facilities at the marina.

The following link will take you to the newsletter:

 ACI Newsletter - New Anchorage

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