Monday, 27 June 2016

Croatia Invests In Its Marinas

Marina Trogir
A seven week trip around the Croatian coastline and islands has been highly informative. After several years of very little change and just the odd new marina popping up every now and then, things are hotting up. In the last few weeks we’ve visited almost every marina featured in our Croatia Cruising Companion (and that’s all of the marinas along the Dalmatian Coast and on the islands), and many of the bays and ports.

In some ways, very little has changed; in other ways changes are more significant.Refreshingly we found that not every bay is now the subject of a concession with mooring buoys; some are still open to all to anchor in for free. We also discovered that a substantial amount of those precious EU structural funds are being used to improve beaches, walkways, squares and quays. And sometimes local authorities are going it alone to improve their ports and harbours.

Seaplanes are occupying precious space in some busy ports but making connections much easier for holidaymakers visiting islands. Elsewhere, for example in Šibenik, which was expected to be the next destination to host seaplanes, local objections seem to be winning at the moment.

Most of all we found a huge amount of investment in the marina infrasture with the widespread renovation of older facilities and the building of several new ones. Some time ago we told you about Marina Trogir, pictured, which is already operating at good capacity levels with more investment to come. We’ve also told you about the relatively recent Baotić Yacht Club Seget nearby, which is now a veritable hubbub of activity on a grand scale, compared with the small group of buildings we first saw in 2009, just after it first opened and before all phases were complete.

The completion of these two marinas now means that the number and choice of berths in the highly popular mid Dalmatian town of Trogir has increased substantially. Existing ACI Marina Trogir is next door to Marina Trogir and of course Trogir Riva (the town quay and promenade) has always been popular with superyachts.

So, now that all those projects in the melting pot for so long have come, or are coming,  to fruition, and after catching up properly with all the local industry experts, it seems like an ideal time to update the Croatia Cruising Companion and bring out a new edition. We’re lucky enough to have a new publisher prepared to invest in exactly what the Croatia Cruising Companion needs to bring it bang up to date, continue to meet the high expectations of its readers and do justice to one of the best cruising grounds in the world.  And, although we originally wrote and designed the CCC uniquely to suit Croatia, and meet our desire to make it the best book of its kind on the market, we’re delighted that its no longer held back by being part of  a series, albeit the flagship and best seller of that series.  So keep an eye on this blog for a taste of what’s to come in the new edition.

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