Thursday, 24 March 2016

New Improved Croatian Marina in Zadar?

Croatia Cruising Companion - Zadar

It was bound to happen eventually. This majestic building in Zadar, once the home of the Maraska distillery, is apparently destined to become a 5 star, 120 room hotel. Next door there will be a luxury residential complex and a commercial zone including shops, restaurants and bars.

Dogus Group, who own three marinas in Croatia, including the flagship D-Marin Mandalina Marina in  Šibenik, announced recently they will be investing 80 million in the project which is due to start later this year and take approximately one year. Dogus does not have a marina in Zadar city centre itself though it’s difficult not to suppose that they must have their eyes on Zadar Marina which lies right next to the Maraska building and could probably do with some new investment.

Dogus opened a new hotel at D-Marin Mandalina last year and, this year, will also be upgrading facilities at nearby D-Marin Borik and  D-Marin Dalmacija Sukošan.

Zadar is a rising Croatian star. Ten years ago it was little known as a tourist destination and pretty hard to find a decent choice of hotels. Now, thanks to its own special charms and Ryannair favouring its airport, its attracting more and more visitors. For nautical tourists, however, it’s always been a very special destination with a marina that’s right in the heart of everything.

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