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Senj, Northern Croatia

Croatia Cruising Companion - Senj

Before you get excited about Senj, please note that this is the one town in Croatia  where the fierce Bora (north-east) wind blows hardest and fastest. It can reach over 200 km per hour and blows for roughly 200 days every year. Given that the Bora can appear from almost nowhere very quickly, we wouldn’t recommend Senj for an overnight stop. However, if you are certain that there’s a minimal risk of a Bora while you are in the area, then it’s a mighty fine town to explore for an hour or two. and the campsite restaurant, Konoba Gajeta, (pictured immediately below) makes for a good lunchtime stop.

Croatia Cruising Companion - Senj, Konoba Gajeta

Sister site, Croatia Online, explains a little of its history and features, and Croatia Camping Guide puts the very central Kamp Škver firmly in its top ten. Both links take you straight to the postings on Senj.

For passing sailors there are plenty of berthing options but only in the most clement of weather as the shelter is no match for a Bora or winds from the north and north-west.  Small local boats occupy the area north of the “middle” main pier which lies in the south-east part of the harbour.

Croatia Cruising Companion - Senj, local boats

Visitors can berth, alongside, on either side of this pier (green light) if space permits, or the south side of the north pier (red light), or the quay in front of the Harbour Master, or the east side of the south-west breakwater (white light). A waypoint of 44°59.60’ E 14°53.60E should give you a good view of your berthing options about three cables our from the shore.      

Croatia Cruising Companion - Senj, hoist

There’s a ten ton hoist on the north pier with the red light, and slips by both the north pier and the south-west breakwater.  I also saw my first Croatian  Electric car charger by the south breakwater.

Croatia Cruising Companion - Senj, Tesla charger

The compact town surrounds the harbour and should have everything you need including banks, shops, cafés, bars and restaurants. If you’re feeling energetic and want to take in the view, make the climb up to the fortress.

Croatia Cruising Companion - Senj, Castle view

The harbour master’s office is just behind the quay that lies east of the main breakwater. Contact details

Address:  Obala kralja Zvonimira 12, 53270 Senj.

Tel: + 385 ( 0 ) 53 881 301

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