Monday, 22 February 2016

Croatia Marina Prices 2016

Croatia Cruising Companion Tribunj Gajeta Falkusa

Most, but by no means all, of Croatia’s 50 plus marinas have, by now, decided on their prices for 2016. Regular nautical visitors to Croatia will know that the pricing structure varies from marina to marina – some daily, weekly, monthly and annual rates include things like water and electricity and some don’t; some have discounts for multiple days stay and/or throw in additional services; some have slightly different dates for each season; size categories can vary, some price rises take effect in January, some in April etc, etc. Almost all charge at least 50% extra for catamarans. The variations can make comparison between marinas quite difficult but if you read the small print carefully the marinas are normally quite good at spelling out exactly how much it costs for each service.

State owned ACI have 22 marinas if you include the new marina in Slano which is due to be ready for the 2016 season. Their prices and price structure vary from location to location but the following examples will give you an idea of what you might be in store for if you prefer to spend the night in these marinas.

In ACI Marina Vodice, a 12 metre boat will cost €72 per day in the main summer season (1.7 to 31.8 inclusive) and  €66 a day the rest of the year. In ACI Split a 12 metre boat is  €90 a day from 1.6 to 30.9 inclusive and €78 per day the rest of the year.  If you go to ACI’s website - ACI Marinas – you can look at each marina individually, or if you follow this link -  ACI Marinas Price List - 2016 you can print out 26 pages of 2016 marina prices!

Below are three examples (and direct links in brackets) of prices amongst the indepent marinas, though in typical Dalmatian fashion they are quite a few who have yet to publish 2016 prices as at today’s date of 22.2.2016.

All are daily rates for 12 metre boats.

Marina Tribunj (Tribunj Prices):  1.7 to 31.8  €97; otherwise  €73

Marina Frapa (Frapa Prices) 1.7 to 31.8  €89; otherwise  €67 (effective 1.1.2016)

Marina Kornati  (Kornati Prices) all year - €66

And finally, below are links to postings on similar exercises we have carried out in previous years.

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Today’s photo is of Tribunj Marina back in 2010 -  not that long after the pink marina building in the background was finished. The wooden boat in the foreground is a replica of a traditional fishing boat - the Gajeta Falkuša – and you can read more about that on Croatia Cruising Companion - the Gajeta Falkuša although unfortunately Lifejacket Adventures is no longer around.


Anonymous said...

How do prices compare between mooring buoys vs dock in these marinas or when we are on islands like vis or hvar?

Jane Cody said...

Official organised anchorages charge very roughly half the price of berths at nearby marinas. Private mooring buoys can be considerably less. Island marinas can be cheaper than mainland ones, though not in the more popular islands, and municipal berths in town ports are normally considerably cheaper than marinas but again it depends on location. I will put a few examples up soon to illustrate the various options.