Monday, 18 June 2012

Newly Refurbished Marina On The Island Of Solta

Back in March 2009, we wrote a series of postings, on sister blog Croatia Online, about the island of Šolta.

It’s a gorgeous unspoilt island, very close to Split - full of olive groves and secluded bays, and great for spectacular sunsets, particularly in the west facing bay of Maslinica. It was in Maslinica that we spent most of our time as we’d been invited to come and take a look at the newly refurbished Martinis Marchi hotel.

Once a castle, with intermittent use as a 50 bedroom hotel, it was very tasteful restored, with no expense spared, to provide just six expansive luxury suites. Now, finally, the marina attached to it has had its own makeover and is ready to receive visitors in style.

Facilities include showers, reception and a café as well as access to the hotel restaurant. The breakwater of some 90 metres in length, with a red light at the end, protects 50 full service berths for yachts up to 30 metres in length. Larger yachts can moor on the outside of the breakwater.

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Martinis Marchi


Rosemary said...

Hi Jane

Im an Aussie Uni student heading off to Croatia to do some sailing.

Do you have any tips or info about some of the companies that offer these cruises from Dubrovnik to Split? Im looking at Top Deck, Busabout etc.



Jane Cody said...

Hi Rosemary

Thanks for the comment. I haven't done one of these trips I'm afraid. If you're a good sailor you could ask one of the charter companies in Dubrovnik if they need any crew for yachts transferring between bases. Otherwise I think it's just a question of seeing what sort of deal you can get.

Phil said...

Hi Rosemary,

we are planning to sail to Maslinica late July, do you know if you can still anchor in the bay or is that space now taken by the breakwater?

Jane Cody said...

Hi Phil

I don't think there was any major extension to the existing breakwater when the marina was refurbished so no major changes there. However there are still two anchorages near the marina - east of Balkun islet and Uvala Šešula. Uvala Šešula, immediately south of the marina, is not suitable in a south westerly. I'm not sure how long ago it is since you last visited but most "official" anchorages are now run by concessions and the Croatians are trying to limit anchoring outside these concession areas.