Saturday 24 July 2010

Safely Sailing Croatia

Crotia Cruising Companion - Omis Pirates

Those who have read our Croatia Cruising Companion and other writings on Croatia, will know that Croatia is a relatively safe place, on land and sea. At sea, you are never very far from a protected bay, and on land, you are surrounded by the people of a nation that, on the whole, need ASBOS as much as they need to learn about organic produce, ie not at all. Of course you need to observe the proper precautions, and the big cities hide a few reprobates, but compared to other European destinations, you can relax in this respect.

So why,  you may ask, are we reporting on pirates?!

The town of Omiš, about half an hour’s drive south of Split, on the way to Makarska is one of Croatia’s undeservedly unsung destinations, as you will see on the latest posting on sister site,  Croatia Online. It’s the heart of Croatia’s "Klapa" folk music, has magnificent mountain scenery, and perhaps most importantly of all, a fascinating and unique history as a haven for pirates, who greatly contributed to the wealth of the town.

Since our Croatia Online posting on Omiš, we have been reminded that the annual reconstruction of the Pirate Battle takes place on 18th August this year on the sea front, and it’s an occasion not to be missed.

Get a taste of it by following this link on YouTube.

Many thanks to Mr Joško Stella for the photo and information, and, readers, please rest assured that the risk of finding modern day pirates around Croatia’s shores is extremely remote!


Anonymous said...

do you have any recommendation on a sailing school for september 2010?

Jane Cody said...

See our earlier posting on 17th June and follow the link to Sail Croatia.

Jane Cody said...

Here's a link to an interesting account of the history of the pirates of Omiš