Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Croatia Sailing Holidays - Recommended Reading

For obvious reasons, we'd clearly recommend the Croatia Cruising Companion as the best read and the most useful reference book once you have decided to sail Croatia's heartland - the Dalmatian Coast and Islands.

However if you're just thinking about a sailing holiday and want to know a little more about what Croatia has to offer, to beginners and experts alike, pick up a copy of Time Out's Magazine For Visitors' To Croatia and read the sailing feature. The 2009 edition of the magazine is hot of the press and widely available in Croatia, Ireland and the UK.

As author of the regular sailing feature this site's editor again has to confess to a vested interest. This year, however, we decided to base the feature on interviews with local experts - a charter company owner, the president of the Dalmatian skippers' association, a sailing school owner and the vice president of a company that is developing Croatia's first marina exclusively for superyachts in conjunction with international marina company, IGY.

These were the kind of local contacts we tapped into when we wrote the Croatia Cruising Companion and you will find their insights and tips enough to get you booking that charter holiday or sailing course immediately. Time Out's Magazine also makes for great reading in a wide range of other areas and its independent reviews on where to eat, drink and stay, are hard to beat.

We'd like to think that the Croatian Cruising Companion, as well as being a comprehensive nautical guide, is relatively unique in its onshore coverage of almost every feasible anchorage, port and marina, even on the most remote Dalmatian island. However, if you want to spend a few days onshore in the larger towns and villages throughout Croatia, inland and by the sea, you'll find a wealth of complementary information in the Visitors' Guide To Croatia. With Amazon currently offering the Croatia Cruising Companion at £17.49 (retail price £24.99) and Time Out's Visitors' Guide on sale at £5, it's hard to think of a better value investment to help you make the most of all aspects of Croatia.

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