Thursday, 13 December 2007

Classic Croatian Boats

Some friends of ours here have taken on an ambitious project - the restoration of an old Croatian wooden boat. Follow progress on their newly created blog - which includes a very useful glossary of technical terms for various parts of a boat which could come in handy for anyone else who needs to know the Croatian words for hull, mast, etc!

The team behind the restoration project also run a series of kayak tours in Dalmatia as well as trips on another classic Croatian boat the Gajeta Falkuša. More news on those activities on

We'll be doing another report on the Falkuša in the new year. It's going to be the star attraction in a big exhibition of classic boats in Brest, France, in the summer. Croatia has a big space allocated to it and we'll be reporting further on how it will be filled in due course. Follow this direct link Falkusa and Vis Island to go to an earlier posting with a photo of the Falkuša and more information on Komiža, on Vis, where it was originally used.

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