Saturday, 17 November 2007

Split Area - Onshore News

Thanks again to all the people mentioned in our previous posting on the BavAdria Cup 2007 and to Jure Vujević for another fantastic image from the race, pictured today. We think that the two crews in the photo have temporarily forgotten about the finishing line and are discussing where to eat and who is paying!

With that tenuous link here's a quick summary of onshore news in the Split area. You can read more about Croatia Onshore on Croatia Online and we've given direct links to the relevant pages under each subject:

1. Good New Chinese Restaurant in Seget Donji
As a sweeping generalisation, and putting it mildly, Dalmatians are quite traditional and conservative in their tastes. Why not as Dalmatian food is great! However there comes a time when we all need a change from plain grilled meat and fish with boiled Blitva (Swiss chard, a bit like spinach) and potatoes. All sorts of other things make it special - when you get offered the house olive oil instead of the inferior version that sometimes sits on the table, pre booked delicious "Peka" (like a roast - meat and potatoes in a hot fire cooking in its own juices), a glass of Travarica (like grapa) to fire you up on a cold winter's day, and the list goes on....But, for a change, you can get authentic chinese food not very far from Trogir, direct link Croatia Online - New Chinese Restaurant Near Trogir
Don't confuse this restaurant with the Chinese restaurant in Split centre, which we haven't visited personally but have yet to hear a warm report from.

2. Multiplex Cinema in Split
Imagine the scenario: You've taken the kids on holiday away from their computers et al and they've realised it's not so bad learning to sail, enjoying the crystal clear waters, swimming at will from the back of the boat, and getting back to nature amongst the Dalmatian Coast Line and Islands. The skipper is doing a good job taking his charter customers safely to undiscovered Croatia and then it rains! The kids think they're too far away from civilisation to cope with another day of adult discussion on the finer points of ecology, fishing, weather, etc. The answer is to moor up in Split and take them to the cinema. They're are plenty of "rustic" cinemas in Croatia but now Split has an all mod cons multi screen that will settle the temporary home sickness and weather weariness - direct link Croatia Online - Film Lovers in Dalmatia Take Note

News, hot of the press, is that Zadar will have a similar facility in the not so distant future.

3. Vegeterians Take Heart (there's an unintentional pun there but probably in bad taste and well worn!)
Split City Centre now has its first vegetarian and macrobiotic restaurant - we've been there and, similar to the Chinese Restaurant above, it's authentic and true to its roots as well as providing an excellent lunch. Direct link Croatia Online - Vegetarians Now Welcome In Split


That's the latest onshore news but you'll need to read The Croatian Cruising Companion to get a comprehensive view of what's best about the Dalmatian Coast and Islands, where best to berth, anchor or moor and what else to do onshore.
If you're cruising with children maybe look at another Wiley Group publication - Croatia With Your Family - for some more ideas of what to do onshore. Direct link Croatia Online - Croatia With Your Family

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