Monday, 22 October 2007

Acknowledgements To Our Canine Crew

Today's photo shows one of the unsung heros of the Croatia Cruising Companion. Though Rosie didn't manage to make it into the acknowledgements, she did sneak into a couple of photos.

She's accompanied us throughout our travels in Croatia, on sea and on land, and has a few tales to tell of her own. She played a very valuable part in a number of ways. Over sundowners, once we'd found our berth for the night, she could normally be seen watching out on the stern for likely pals and, recognising the uniform, greeting the harbourmaster with a respectful woof. Invariably, she was fought over by the crew for the right to take her ashore in the tender when at anchor. Often she just preferred to take one of us for a swim so she could leave her mark on new and undiscovered territories. Fortunately she always obeyed the skipper's orders though has yet to learn to do anything nautical but catch a rope.

Those that want to take their dog with them when sailing in Croatia will be pleased to know that Croatia is part of the Pets' Passport Scheme and the standard of veterinary care is high. Note however that Montenegro is not yet part of the scheme.

Croatians, especially outside of the major cities, are generally less indulgent to dogs than the Brits, however visiting dogs are generally well received. Be aware that, in the height of the summer season, dogs aren't welcome on designated beaches or indoors in some restaurants, especially close to the kitchens. However, Rosie's rarely been refused entry in most hotels and restaurants and, quite often, the table in our regular haunts is reserved in her name!

For more information on what you can expect for your dog from Croatia visit our sister site, Croatia Online. The direct link to our latest posting on this subject is Croatia Online - A Dog's Life In Dalmatia which includes links to earlier postings on the same theme and the latest DEFRA guidance on the Pet Passport Scheme.

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