Sunday 21 October 2007

The Definitive Guide

Here it is at last! Probably one of the most challenging projects we've taken on to date - how do you do justice to one of the finest cruising grounds in the world?

The Dalmatian Coast and Islands, were ranked 7th in the worlds top ten island destinations by US magazine Travel and Leisure. Next year, we believe the ranking will be higher now that Croatia is firmly on the map for discriminating American travellers.

We've been extolling Croatia's virtues for the five years we've been exploring it, at sea and on land. We've been writing about it for almost as long: for Time Out Publications, now putting together their third annual Magazine for Visitors to Croatia; for the great English speaking internet public, on our blog, Croatia Online; and now for Wiley Nautical as one of a series of Cruising Companions covering those "must sail" destinations.

Here's what Wiley say about it:

The Dalmatian coast, with its many unspoilt islands and crystal clear waters, ranks high amongst the best cruising areas in the world. Share its secrets, get an inside track on the latest cruising and destination news, and obtain all the facts, photos and chartlets you need to cruise it safely, discover its hidden gems, and enjoy it to the full.

This book features:

  • Port guides - where to eat, shop & visit as well as local facilities, chandlers and engineers.
  • Pilotage - clear pilotage directions, aerial approach shots.
  • Colour charts to simplify harbour approaches, carefully selected approach and entrance waypoints.
  • History and culture - useful background information about these important aspects of the cruising region.
  • Eating and drinking - restaurant tips for each harbour, local cuisines and wine cellars.
Hardcover, 256 pages, £24.99 / €37.50

The Croatia Cruising Companion is being launched at the Earl's Court Boat Show, which takes place from 1st to 9th December, and is available for pre-ordering at all the best bookshops and internet sites.

Follow this link to order direct from the publishers by internet Wiley - The Croatia Cruising Companion
If you want to keep up with Croatian travel, tourism, business, lifestyle and other news, check out our sister site Croatia Online.

Bookmark this page for updates on the Cruising Companion and the latest news on Croatia's ongoing rapid development as a world class cruising destination - new marinas, improved facilities, undiscovered bays, best restaurants, entertainment onshore and much more.

Please also let us have your comments - whilst we spend much of our time travelling around Croatia looking out for new finds and developments, there's no substitute for eagled eyed readers and those that don't mind sharing their latest discovery!


Anonymous said...

I bought myself 'Croatian Cruising Companion' for Christmas and have very much enjoyed reading and browsing though it. Excellent book - just wish it had come out 4 years ago when I bought my first (very small) cruiser in Croatia. I shall certianly be using it on my Piculjan Rab 720 this summer.

Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

hi. we will be in croatia at the end of june for 3 weeks and are having trouble finding a sailboat rental just for a few days. most places i have seen on the internet require a week long check-out and are very pricey. do you know of any local places that rent to ASA certified sailors. we are looking to rent one out of split, hvar or vis. there will be 4 adults and a possibly a small child. thanks for any suggestions! - marlene

Jane Cody said...

Thanks for the comment Marlene. It's a common problem I'm afraid. The charter market, although increasingly competitive is still very seasonal, and with margins tight, many charter operators rely on the short summer holiday period to stay afloat. So it's natural that, if they can, they will go for a week's charter, rather than losing a boat for a week but earning for just a few days. Some charter companies will do less than a week but they may not want to commit until the last minute. The best bet is to establish contact with some of the smaller ones and see how far ahead they will be prepared to book you in. If they don't have a week's charter booked in advance then they may be pleased to get the additional income. Try for example, based in Split, who are a reputable company and as flexible as any other we know.

Sue said...


We are cruising around Croatia in Point Break for 3 months, and using the Cruising Companion.

We were in the Telascica Natural Park on Friday night and there quite a storm. I would like to alert you and your readers that several boats on moorings were blown onto the shore. We have pictures to illustrate this. Everyone should be very careful picking up these moorings.

Best wishes, Sue

Jane Cody said...

Hi Sue
Many thanks for your comment and sorry to hear about the problem. Is it possible to let me know which bay you were in and also a little more about the weather conditions so that we can give readers a detailed alert.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jane,
Coming to Split by fairy this weekend, and then to marina Kastela, what are the most convenient places to buy the "Croatia Cruising Companion" book?

Jane Cody said...

Hi Yossi

Thanks for your interest in the book.

Easiest place for you is probably the International Book Shop at the market end of Split Riva. They were in stock when we checked a couple of weeks ago. If that doesn't work, ask Marina Kastela reception to find co-author John, when you get there. He has an office on the marina and a small stock of the Croatia Cruising Companion.

Have a lovely trip.

ira said...

Hi Jane:
I found a sailboat charter (Sunsail;, with skipper, for 5 days, beginning October 8.

In your opinion, would you head north to the Kornati islands and Dugi Otok, or head south to Vis, Solta, Brac, Hvar and possibly Korcula? Why? This is my first time sailing.

Thank you so much for your ideas,

Unknown said...


I will be sailing (bareboat) from Primosten toward the north.. exploring the Kornati islands. This may be a silly question.. but.. Are there any land mine risks in the islands between Primosten and Zadar? It seems like I read about a risk somewhere in my Croatia Cruising Companion (fantastic guide by the way) but I can't remember where I read it.


Jane Cody said...

Hi Steve
Thanks for the comment. The risk is minimal on the islands though wandering off the beaten track inland, in the Zadar and Sibenik regions, on the mainland, is still not recommended. The final remaining mines are being cleared and here's a link to a website which gives a report on the situation.

Have a great and safe trip!

Jane Cody said...

Hi Ira

Sorry for the delay and many thanks for the comment - been whizzing round Croatia myself for a couple of weeks. You don't say where you are picking up your boat from but as you have only 5 days maybe sail "via" the Kornati islands towards Hvar or Brac, and then maybe Vis. Best thing is to discuss with your skipper what's possible and what your preferences are. You will enjoy it most if you are not racing around trying to get to as many places as possible but just go with the flow. It's all lovely so you'll be spoilt for choice.

Have fun


Unknown said...

Hi Ira,

I was asking the EXACT same question a few weeks ago. I am sailing out of Primosten (Sept 25th 2009) and have decided to sail north to the Kornati Islands.

I had a hard time deciding between the Kornati Islands and Vis. The Kornati Islands have superior beauty (and are very unique) but lack a lot of on-shore activities and resources. Vis and the surrounding island have more interesting on-shore towns to explore but lack that Kornati Island beauty.

We will be leaving for our trip in a week. If you would like me to email you my thoughts upon my return, let me know.


Jane Cody said...

Hi Stephen

Certainly would be delighted to publish any thoughts you have here - any chance of a reader's report with a photo?! As long or as short as you like - tips, news, updates etc. I realise you're on holiday so see how you feel when you come back but, if yes, please send me a quick posting with your email address which I won't publish but will email you back.

david said...

This is a excellent blog for Croatia
i will be referring back for reference quite a bit in the future
i should think, keep up the good work
best regards to you david

Jane Cody said...

Thank you for your kind words David.